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Black Market

Medicines are available in many places: at the pharmacy, on the Internet and through other, sometimes illegal, channels. This differs from one country to another. In the Netherlands, for example, certain medicines can be bought in the supermarket. This is not possible in Belgium!


  • In Belgium, you buy your medicines at the pharmacy.
  • The competent authorities monitor these products.
  • Safety, effectiveness and quality are guaranteed.
  • The pharmacist also provides proper explanation about correct use of the medicine.

 Black Market

  • Medicines that are sold on the black market or on the Internet are not monitored.
  • The product may be counterfeit or fake.
  • You waste your money, put your health at risk and are not helped.


How to buy medication online safely

  • Medication for which a doctor's prescription is required cannot be purchased online. To do so would be illegal. Internet sites that nevertheless offer them are not to be trusted. Chances are that you would be buying counterfeit goods. They may harm your health.
  • Medication for which a doctor's prescription is not required can be purchased on the internet. 
  • Accredited online pharmacies carry a designated logo. This indicates whether the website is trustworthy or not.

What does the logo look like?

  • On the left: the flag of the European country where the pharmacy is located.
  • The text next to it appears in the country's official language.
  • The logo should be present on every page of the website relating to the sale of medicines.

How does the logo work?

  1. Find the logo on the website you want to buy the medicine from.
  2. Click on the logo: you get a list of all the accredited pharmacies in that country.
  3. Check whether the pharmacy is on the list.
  4. If it is not, do not buy any medication from this pharmacy, but find a pharmacy that is on the list.


  • This logo is valid for European websites only.