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Many people think that antibiotics are miracle drugs that are effective against all diseases and they therefore take them much too quickly. This is not the intention.

Antibiotics do not help against all diseases and misuse is dangerous because it makes bacteria resistant.

When to take antibiotics?

  • Antibiotics only work when we are seriously ill due to bacteria.

Antibiotics have NO EFFECT against:

  • Fungus         e.g. vaginal yeast infection
  • Viruses         e.g. common cold, laryngitis
  • Parasites       e.g. crabs
  • Allergies
  • Rash

Antibiotics have no preventive effect

  • It makes no sense to take antibiotics in order to prevent infections when a condom tears.
  • Sexually transmitted infections should be treated with the proper medicines.
  • Therefore, get tested for STIs by a doctor.

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  • If you regularly take antibiotics, bacteria resistance increases: bacteria can gradually get accustomed to antibiotics if you take some now and again or take the wrong dose.
  • After a while, the bacteria will no longer respond to antibiotics (they become resistant), making the disease harder or impossible to cure in future.