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Soporifics (Sleep Medicines)

The work you do as a sex worker may cause a lot of stress. It may even become so bad that you become anxious and restless or cannot sleep anymore.

The night shifts may disrupt your sleep rhythm. You have to sleep during the day, which is often difficult.

Discuss it with your doctor. He/she will listen to you and can prescribe medicines if necessary.

Medication for sleep problems

  • These medicines make you drowsy and relax the muscles.
  • There are two types of sleep medicines: short-acting and long-acting.
  • The short-acting medicines will help if you are having problems falling asleep and the long-acting medicines will help if you have problems staying asleep.
  • The effect diminishes over time once you become used to it.
  • This is why you should take these medicines no longer than 2 weeks.
  • If you take them longer than two weeks you may become addicted.

Medication for anxiety or restlessness

  • These medicines are soothing in cases of constant stress or anxiety, but are not suitable for panic or fear attacks.
  • These medicines level off emotions.
  • Over time, the effect diminishes.
  • This is why you should take these medicines no longer than 2 months.
  • If you take them longer you may become addicted.


Soporific medicines may be dangerous and addictive. Always consult your doctor, buy them at the pharmacy and stick to the prescription.