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What is candida?

  • In the vagina there are bacteria and fungi, this is very normal.  
  • Between the different kinds of bacteria and fungi there is a natural balance.  
  • Sometimes this balance is disturbed.  Certain fungi may dominate.  This causes a fungous infection, also called candida infection.  
  • A lot of women have this yeast without noticing it.

What causes candida?

Several factors can disturb the balance between bacteria and fungi in the vagina:

  • Hormonal change seems to increase the growth of fungi.  During the fertile age vaginal infections often occur.
  • Some women get a fungous infection around each period.  Others get it during pregnancy. 
  • Avoid washing with soap (including ph neutral soap) thoroughly.  It is often sufficient to wash the genital area with clear water.
  • Antibiotics can kill certain bacteria in the vagina, so that fungi get the chance to develop.
  • Also other medicines such as corticosteroids can increase the risk of developing fungous infections.
  • Also a reduced general condition, such as worries or stress, may seem to disturb the balance between bacteria and fungi.

What are the complaints?

  • You can get some itching and white, sometimes somewhat crumbly, not smelly, vaginal discharge.  
  • The mucous membrane of the vagina can be red, swollen and painful.  
  • Urinating or sexual intercourse may hurt or cause a burning feeling.

How is candida diagnosed?

  • A candida infection is usually easy to recognize from the kind of discharge and the irritation of the vaginal mucous membrane.  
  • Sometimes the discharge has to be examined to be certain.


  • A fungous infection usually disappears spontaneously.  
  • If the discharge or burning feeling seriously bothers you, treatment is possible.  
  • When you work it is best to take the medicines orally.
  • Sometimes vaginal tablets or creams are prescribed which you can use internally as well as on the outside of the vagina and labia.  
  • Be careful: these contain oil which may deteriorate a condom!

Warning partner

  • A fungous infection is not a sexually transmitted infection.  
  • Everyone has this fungus on the skin and the mucous membrane.  
  • It depends on the circumstances whether this fungus gets the chance to cause an infection (for instance if the mucous membranes are irritated or scraped).
  • Your partner does not have to be treated.  If your partner gets complaints, such as itching or a rash on his penis, it often disappears spontaneously, if necessary, he may use the same external cream as you.

Work advice

  • When you have applied the cream or inserted a tablet in your vagina, you may not work.  
  • The cream and vaginal tables contain oil which may deteriorate a condom.  
  • In case of oral administration, you may continue to work. 
  • If you have too many complaints, it is better to stop working for a while to let your vagina heal well.