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Female sex workers


  • Feeling feminine helps you to be feminine.

Some things can help you to look feminine:

  • Choose an outfit and heels you like.
  • Long hair will give you a feminine look but a short, sexy haircut may be just as elegant. If you want have long hair, let your hair grow or use wigs or extensions.
  • Attractive makeup does wonders. The best way to learn to apply makeup correctly is to do it yourself. Buy good quality cosmetics, look for makeup tips on Websites or ask a friend for advice. Afterwards, practice will help you discover how to look your best.
  • You can improve your body language, your demeanour for looking feminine, by observing and imitating. Experiment and find out what fits you best.
  • Hip pads and breast forms can help accentuate feminine curves. A corset will enhance your waist.
  • Corrective panties can help you camouflage your penis or you can tape it backwards. For more information on this subject, you can check out this website: http://www.wikihow.com/Tuck-and-Tape.
  • For the final touch you can use accessories. Jewellery, nail polish, etc. add an extra touch.