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Bacterial vaginosis

What is bacterial vaginosis?

  • In your vagina there is a normal balance between bacteria and fungi.  
  • In case of bacterial vaginosis this balance is disturbed.  A well-known cause of vaginosis is gardnerella vaginalis. 

What causes bacterial vaginosis?

  • The exact cause is unknown. 
  • It is important that the natural condition of the vagina is disturbed as little as possible.  
  • Don’t wash your vagina too often or too thoroughly with soap, because this can irritate the vaginal mucous membrane. 
  • It is sufficient to rinse the genital area with clear water.  
  • The inside of the vagina cleans itself.

What are the complaints?

  • You have a smelly greyish discharge.  
  • Sometimes you have some itching and a redness of the labia.


  • The complaints often disappear without treatment.  
  • When the complaints continue, treatment is necessary.  
  • You will get a short treatment with antibiotics. You have to take four tablets at once.  If this is not sufficient, you have to take one tablet twice a day during seven days.  During this treatment you may certainly not use alcohol.

Be careful: It is always possible that your doctor uses another treatment for personal medical reasons (pregnancy, allergy. Therefor, you must always discuss the treatment with your doctor.

Warning partner

  • Your partner does not have to be treated.  
  • A bacterial vaginosis infection is not a sexually transmitted disease.  Everybody has these bacteria on the skin and the mucous membranes.  
  • You can’t infect your partner and your partner can’t infect you.

Work advice

  • In general you can continue your work, also on the day of the treatment.  
  • If you have too many complaints, it is better not to work for a while to let the mucous membranes in your vagina heal.