Female sex workers

Not suitable as contraceptive

Contraceptives which are not suitable for sex workers. 
There is a big risk of getting pregnant:

1. The diaphragm:

  • The diaphragm is a rubber cap.  
  • Before sex it is placed over the cervix.  
  • It has to be used in combination with spermicides.  
  • The diaphragm may only be removed eight hours after having sex, because only then all the sperm are dead.

Some sex workers use the diaphragm during menstruation.  

  • It can collect the menstrual blood and it is not used as contraceptive at that moment.  
  • You have to remove it regularly and rinse the diaphragm with water.

Some sex workers who want to become pregnant (partner)  use the diaphragm as extra contraceptive in combination with a condom.

2Spermicides, tablets, jelly and foam:

  • They are all unreliable and affect your vagina in case of frequent use.
  • Spermicides protect you insufficiently against pregnancy.  
  • They are only used in combination with a condom or diaphragm. 

3. Coitus interruptus:

  • The withdrawal of the penis right before ejaculation is not a reliable method to prevent pregnancy. Some semen is often released before ejaculation.
  • You have no control over this method because you don’t know when the client will actually ejaculate.

4. The calendar and temperature method:

  • Periodic abstention means that you can’t have sex on the days that you are fertile.  
  • These days are determined by measuring the woman’s temperature or according to the dates of the menstruation.  
  • The ovulation is not always regular and can’t be predicted with 100% certainty.  
  • This is why periodic abstention is hardly reliable.