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Contraceptive implant

  • The contraceptive implant is a flexible white plastic tube, like a match, that contains a female hormone.  
  • The implant continuously releases a low level of hormones.
  • It contains sufficient hormones to protect against pregnancy during 3 years.

How to use contraceptive implant?

  • The doctor places the implant during the first 5 days of your period.  
  • After local anaesthetics the implant is inserted with a needle right under the skin on the inside of the upper arm.  
  • You can feel the tube through the skin, but the insertion is almost painless.  
  • After three years the implant has to be replaced.  It is not a problem to have it removed earlier.

When are you protected against pregnancy?

  • You are immediately protected against pregnancy after insertion.
  • Always check if the implant is in your arm after insertion.  
  • If you have any doubts, use a condom until you are sure.

What do you notice of the contraceptive implant ?

  • During the first months your body has to get used to the hormones and there may be some side effects: nausea, headache, sore breasts, bleeding between periods or mood changes.  
  • These side effects usually disappear spontaneously.
  • Your period changes if you use a contraceptive implant.  
  • Some women have irregular periods as a result of the use of the contraceptive implant.  Mainly in the beginning there may be some irregular and slight loss of blood (bleeding between periods).  
  • Some women have no period at all after some time.

What are the risks of the contraceptive implant?

  • The contraceptive implant is not harmful for your health.
  • Always discuss your medical history with your doctor. 
  • He can judge whether this is a suitable contraceptive for you.

Sickness and medication

  • If a doctor wants to prescribe other medicines, tell him that you use a contraceptive implant. 
  • Some medication and medicinal herbs may reduce the effectiveness of the implant.