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  • An oestrogen treatment develops the mammary gland tissue. Usually breast development is insufficient and breast prostheses are implanted.
  • Please consult your doctor for information about breast implants.
  • The surgeon can clarify a number of things at the first consultation:
  1. What cup size is possible? If you have your own opinion, discuss it openly with your doctor. If you want a large cup size, it might be necessary to do it in stages because the skin needs time to expand.
  2. What are the techniques for inserting implants? Which one will the doctor use?
  3. Which implants are available? Can I choose one myself? Which implant does the doctor recommend?


It is recommended to keep track of the implant information (type, serial number, size, filling material and manufacturer). You may need them in future when you go for a check-up or if you have problems with the implant.

  • Once the operation is over, it is important to be well informed about post-operative care. Allow sufficient time for your breasts to heal. This is how you obtain the best result.
  • It is impossible to predict how long breast implants will last. Only if the implants are causing problems will they be removed and / or replaced.
  • Breast prostheses do not increase the risk of breast cancer.
  • Trans women are, however, advised just like biological women to have a breast cancer screening every other year between the ages of 50 and 59. The breasts are checked by means of mammography. Mammography is a process of using X-rays to examine mammary gland tissue. Taking mammograms of trans women with breast implants is straightforward.