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Hormonal agents

  • You will have to take oestrogens for the rest of your life.
  • A high oestrogen dose does NOT lead to more distinct or faster feminisation.
  • Excessive oestrogen intake DOES increase the risk of dangerous side effects such as blood clots...
  • If you did not have surgery, you may also be taking testosterone inhibitors.
  • Your doctor performs hormone intake monitoring and aftercare. The doctor will look for possible risks and side effects.
  • Taking vitamin D supplements is recommended. Vitamin D is absorbed into the body under the influence of the sun and reinforces the bones. If you work nights or have dark skin, it is recommended to take vitamin D supplements (people with dark skin absorb vitamin D less quickly). Consult your doctor about this.
  • Buying hormones, medicines or vitamins on the black market or on the Internet is best avoided. It is expensive and the products may contain faulty ingredients. It increases the risk of side effects.