Female sex workers

I am a victim of abuse

Are you a victim of abuse because of your identity as a transgender? Definitely report it to the police. Make sure the report states that the incident occurred because you are transgender. Transphobia is an aggravating circumstance; it can ensure the offender gets a heavier sentence.

Report abuse:

1) Emergency police assistance:

  • Call the toll free number: 101 or 112. This number is active 24 hours a day.

2) For help when lodging a complaint:

  • Institute for the Equality of Women and Men. You can download a complaint form from this website: http://igvm-iefh.belgium.be.
  • To talk about abuse: call the toll free number 1712
  • The LGBT phone (Holebifoon), tel.no. 0800 99 533 will give you tips so that reporting to the police may go smoothly. Or go to their Website: www.holebifoon.be.

Gather evidence:

  • If you want to report discrimination, proof will be requested. Therefore, save voicemails, mails, letters, text messages, graffiti, etc.
  • If you need medical attention, have the doctor draw up a medical certificate and have pictures made of the injuries.

Read the following brochure for tips on self-defence.

Did you have a bad experience?

Talk about it to friends or colleagues to come to terms with your experience.

Furthermore, you are always welcome at these sex workers organisations:

- Ghapro: www.ghapro.be

- NPO Pasop: www.pasop.info

- Boys project: www.boysproject.be

- NPO Alias: www.alias-bru.be

- Espace P: www.espacep.be