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When you are sick or an ailment is bothering you, you sometimes want to take medication quickly.

BEWARE! Taking wrong or bad medicines will not make you better and may be harmful to your health.

  • Therefore, do not take medicines left over from a previous occasion.
  • Do not take medicines of a friend who had the similar symptoms.
  • Do not buy medicines on the Internet.
  • Do not accept medicines from an errand boy in the street.


  • Most symptoms disappear by themselves after a couple of days. If not, go and see a doctor.
  • Always visit a doctor before taking any medicines. The doctor can determine the exact cause of your problem and therefore prescribe the most appropriate treatment.
  • Respect times and doses. Never skip an intake and respect the prescribed quantities.
  • Do not stop earlier than prescribed. Even if you feel better, continue taking your medicines as prescribed by the doctor. This is necessary in order to fully recover. If you stop too soon, an infection may return.
  • Do not store medicines. Do not keep leftover medicines for a future occasion. Return it to the pharmacy. Definitely do not share it with friends.
  • Buy your medicines at the pharmacy. Never take any medicines if you do not know where it comes from.
  • In case of problems, contact a doctor. If you do not trust a medicine, or if you feel nauseous after taking medicines, please contact your doctor.