Female sex workers

Working in prostitution

If you work in prostitution, you don’t want to get a sexually transmitted infection (STI). That is why it is important to know how to work safely! 
Always protect yourself! Also a client who looks healthy and clean can have an STI!

Below you can find a few tips on safe sex:

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Vaginal hygiene

  • The vagina is a vulnerable part of the body, which is highly sensitive to moisture, heat and tight clothing. The leaflet below provides some information about what you must do to care for your vagina properly. This is very important, especially if you are a sex worker.

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Safe sex

What is safe sex?

  • Safe sex means that you protect yourself and others against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  
  • You can catch an STI by having unprotected contact between the vagina, penis, mouth or anus.  
  • If you always have safe sex, there is hardly any risk of catching an STI.  
  • During your work, clients will want to do all kind of different things.  
  • Decide for yourself what you will and what you will not do.
  • Safe sex also means that you handle sex toys or extreme sex tools (such as needles) correctly.


Broken condom

If you work in prostitution you use a condom and lubricant. 
But still things can go wrong. 

  • A condom may burst or slip off.  
  • Such an incident or “a broken condom” is very annoying.  Stay calm and don’t panic.
  • If you regularly have a “broken condom”, try to find out why so that you can prevent this from happening in the future.

The leaflet


  • There are condoms in various sizes, colours, shapes and tastes.  
  • Safe sex automatically includes a condom and lubricant. 
  • A condom has to be put on when the penis is fully erect and will protect you against pregnancy and STIs.
  • For safe sex you need good information on condoms and lubricants.  
  • Not all condoms are adequate for safe sex and not all lubricants are the same.


Why do you need lubricant?

  • A dry vagina makes fucking painful and makes it easier for a condom to break. 
  • If you use lubricant, there is much less risk of a condom breaking.
  • You should always use lots of lubricant for anal sex, because the anus itself doesn’t produce any fluid. 
  • The lubricant that may already be on the condom is never enough for anal sex. Without extra lubricant, anal sex is painful and there is a greater risk of the condom bursting.

The most common cause of a broken condom is friction.  The more difficult it goes, the greater the risk of having a broken condom.
 By using a lubricant, the friction is reduced.  The risk of a torn condom is considerably reduced.


Contraceptive pill

If you work as a sex worker, it is important to protect yourself against pregnancy.  It is wise to use a reliable contraceptive.  An unwanted pregnancy would mean making some difficult decisions.

In this chapter we explain:

  • The most reliable ways for preventing pregnancy;
  • What you have to do if something goes wrong;
  • When you want to become pregnant or are pregnant, click here. 


It is possible that you suffer from discharge or fungal infections. 
Therefore some women rinse their vagina after each client with a soap solution.  

  • Too much rinsing with soap solutions dries the lining of the vagina.  
  • The lining ensures that the acidity degree of the vagina is correct and that the natural defence against bacteria is kept intact.  
  • By rinsing too often, you disturb the acidity degree and you become more vulnerable for infections.  
  • You will suffer more from a dry vagina.
  • If you still want to rinse every day, do it with lukewarm water.  
  • Don’t rinse more than once a week with a soap solution.