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On this website you will find information on sexually transmitted infections (STI) for male sex workers with female and/or male clients.

  • In most cases these STIs are caused by viruses or bacteria.  
  • Sometimes a parasite or another organism causes the infection.
  • Most STIs are transmitted by unsafe sexual contact. 
  • They are transmitted through the mucous membrane (moist lining) of the vagina, penis, mouth, throat and anus or in the pre-cum, sperm or blood.  
  • You do not always know that you are infected, and thus infect others unknowingly.  
  • Some STIs have serious consequences if they are not treated.  
  • Most STIs can be treated well provided you react in time.
  • When your penis, mouth or anus has unprotected contact with the penis, anus, vagina and/or mouth of your sex partner, you can get infected or infect others. Therefore we advice you to always use a condom or dental dam.

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Did you know that

 Did you know:

  • That you can “only” get a sexually transmitted infection by having unsafe sex with an infected person?
  • That there are often no complaints?
  • That also without complaints you can infect others?
  • That STIs do not just disappear?
  • That you can’t wash them away?
  • That it is best to see a doctor?
  • That most STIs can be treated well?
  • That when you have an STI, it is best to inform your sex partner, so that he/she can also have a test and, if necessary, a treatment?
  • That when you have an STI, it increases the chance of contracting other STIs and HIV?
  • That when you are tested and treated in time, it helps to prevent the expansion and transmission of the infection to others?
  • That as long as you are not treated, you can infect others?




  • Wash your sex partner, it gives you the opportunity to check him/her for symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection.  These symptoms could be blisters, wounds, warts, itching or discharge. 
  • If you notice these things, it is best to refuse him/her, certainly if the symptoms are not covered by a condom!




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Bacterial infections

  • Some sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are caused by bacteria.  
  • You get an infection at the place where you are contaminated, for instance an infection in your throat from giving a blowjob without condom.  
  • If you are treated in time, you can fully recover from this STI.


Viral infections

  • STIs caused by a virus are dangerous because they can’t be treated by antibiotics. 
  •  The virus will not disappear from your body so that complaints can come back.  
  • Not all infections can be treated.  There are, however, certain means to deal with some complaints. 


Other STIs

  • STIs caused by a parasite are less serious and can be treated well.  
  • They can, however, cause a lot of nuisance, and as long as you are not treated, you can infect others.

Be careful: the treatment described for each infection is the first choice.  It is always possible that your doctor uses another treatment for personal medical reasons. You must always discuss the treatment with your doctor.